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Get running!

Think technique

If you watch the world’s top runners you could be forgiven for thinking that perfect running technique is not an essential pre-requisite for success.  Paul Radcliffe is famous for her nodding head whilst Haile Gebrselassie began his athletics career by running 10 kilometers to school and back as a child and still has an uneven arm action from holding his satchel under one arm.  This said it is still important to develop an efficient running technique – it will minimise the effort required and reduce the risk of injuries.  There are many aspects to good running technique but the main things to concentrate on when you start are:

Go the distance

When you first start running your initial aim should be to increase the length of time for which you can run.  Very few people can go straight out and run for more than a few minutes but by mixing running and walking it is possible to cover a reasonable distance. 

Fast and strong

Once you can comfortably run for 40+ minutes you can start thinking about improving speed and strength.  ‘Quality’ run sessions fall into 3 main categories:

VERY IMPORTANT – do not increase your volume or speed too quickly.  You can avoid injuries by gradually building up the amount of quality running.

Injury prevention