Junior Competitor Briefing Notes


  1. You will be provided with a race number and safety pins.
  2. You will also be given a card with your race number on it that you must take to the swim start and show to the marshalls.


Prior to Starting

  1. There are two transition areas – male and female
  2. Ensure you have placed your run kit in Transition.
  3. Attach your Run Number to the front of your run clothing.


Start / Swim

  1. Wait in line for your turn to go poolside by the Disabled toilet.
  2. Show the card with your race number when the marshall requests it.
  3. The marshall will confirm the event you are entered for (8-10 or 11-14).
  4. The marshall will also confirm the number of lengths you must swim:
    8-10 years is 4 lengths (100m)  and 11-14 years is 8 lengths (200m)
  5. Wait until the starter allocates you a lane. Get in when told and wait to start.
  6. Typically there will only be one swimmer per lane.
  7. You will be told if you are swimming in the lane clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  8. Only start swimming when instructed to.
  9. Keep track of the lengths swum but the lane counter’s decision is final.
  10. You will be told when you have 2 lengths remaining.
  11. Take care on entering Changing rooms (Transition) steps exiting the pool



  1. Leave your swimming kit in transition – you will be able to collect it when you finish the run.
  2. It is winter – dress appropriately for the run.
  3. Follow the signs for the exit to the run.



  1. Please call your number to the timers at the Pool exit
  2. When leaving transition area take care going down the steps.
  3. Turn left at the bottom of the steps and cross the Pool Drive to the Playing Field.
  4. The run route is a lap marked out in the Playing Field:
    8-10 years is 1 lap (600m) and 11-14 years is 2 laps (1200m)
  5. When you have completed the required number of laps, exit from the Playing Field and cross Pool Drive to the Finish


Finish Line

  1. Medals and gifts will be on a table at the Finish Line for you to collect.
  2. Results / Timings are manual and will be displayed in the Band Hall when available
  3. The Final results will be published on the website.



Location of Band Hall / Registration

Pool Layout and Transition Exit

Run Start and Finish Locations