Competitor Briefing Notes

Prior to Starting

  1. Ensure you have placed your run kit in Transition and have the numbered bag provided at Registration.
  2. Ensure you have a Run Number attached to the front of your run clothing.
  3. TEAMS – the Runner will wait in transition wearing their running clothes and the number.


Start / Swim

  1. Wait in line for your turn to go poolside by the Disabled toilet.
  2. Wait until the starter allocates you a lane. Get in when told and wait to start.
  3. Typically there will only be one swimmer per lane.
  4. You will be told if you are swimming in the lane clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  5. Only start swimming when instructed to.
  6. Keep track of the lengths swum but the lane counter’s decision is final.
  7. You will be told when you have 2 lengths remaining.
  8. Take care on entering Changing rooms (Transition) steps exiting the pool



  1. Please place your swimming kit in the numbered bag provided. This will be collected from transition and taken to the Band Hall
  2. It is winter – dress appropriately.
  3. TEAMS – the Runner can start once you have been tagged by the Swimmer in the transition area.



  1. Please call your number to the timers at the Pool exit
  2. When leaving transition area take care down the centre steps.
  3. Ensure you follow all yellow direction arrows.
  4. Please watch when crossing bridges / train lines and running on or near roads.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings, watch for obstacles, spectators and vehicles.
  6. Watch out for entrances and traffic.
  7. Use caution when running through the golf course.
  8. Give way to faster runners on the narrow path over the dunes.
  9. Turn left when you have descended from the dunes and ensure you run around the turnaround point.
  10. If you are unwell on the Run route please inform a marshal and if able to do so follow direction arrows back to the centre or the MCA vehicle located on or near beach exit

Finish Line

  1. Medals will be on a table at the Finish Line for you to collect.
  2. TEAMS – the Runner should collect a medal for both team members.


Results / Timings are manual and will be displayed in the Band Hall when available

1.     The Final results will be published on the website.




Location of Band Hall / Registration

Pool Layout and Adult Transition Exit


 Start and Finish Locations

Run Route